Happy hump day to all! I’m just dropping by with some quick updates for everyone. First, thanks so much to all the readers who participated in my book giveaway over the last week. It was a great turnout and I loved seeing how excited people got over the various titles. I’m off to the post office today with my stack of mailers, so winners should start seeing books in the mail in the next few days.

Along those lines, I will tease you all with the pile of shiny new ARCs sitting on the floor of my office. There’s definitely another giveaway on the horizon, so keep checking back for more information.

On the other side of the desk is my (virtual) pile of submissions. Those of you wondering if there was an ulterior motive to my spending a week blogging about book giveaways are partially correct; I’m in major reading mode, which means my brain refuses to cough up brilliant blog post topics. I’m making headway on the backlog, however, which is excellent news for all concerned, given that I’m taking pitches at the RWA conference in Anaheim next week, and that will mean a new influx of submissions. So if you are waiting on a response from me and it’s been a while, watch your inbox.

Which leads me to my final housekeeping note. I’ll be out of the office next week for the above-mentioned conference, from Tuesday, July 24th through the weekend. I’ll try to get some blog content up for you all, but don’t be surprised if it’s a touch quiet.

And with that, I’m back to work. Wishing you all a lovely week!