Links for Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! I am buried under tons of client reading right now, but I’ve still got some fun and educational links to share. Hope you enjoy them, and that you all have a terrific weekend!

London Bookshops Do Not Disappoint – A great look at some fabulous bookstores across London. These make me want to hop a plane…

Pub Sprawl – How various publishers are adapting for the new tablet market.

New York City Portrayed Online in 870,000 Images – Great resource for anyone researching NYC.

Sites We Like: Paper and Salt – A look at a website that celebrates and attempts to recreate the food described in literature, from diaries and letters to works of fiction.

The Ongoing Problem of Race in YA – An excellent article, and a good follow-up to my post earlier this week of Chimamanda Adichie’s Ted Talk.

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