Friday Links

Just because I posted once today already, doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten this week’s links. I have them ready and waiting for you — and I desperately need to close a few of these tabs.

Last weekend in April. Seriously, how did that happen? I feel like 2012 is in a serious hurry to be over. Still, no matter how fast the days are going and how much you have to do, it’s important to take a break now and then to smell the roses, etc. And with that in mind, I offer you some fun/interesting/thoughtful/educational links for your perusal. Enjoy, and have a lovely weekend!

Bradbury’s Tale: A “Wicked” Read, A Haunted Book – Seth Grahame-Smith on SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES.

The 10 Greatest Movies about Writers/Writing Ever – Okay, I’m not so sure about these being the ten greatest. I have several favorites that they missed entirely. (Wonderboys, anyone?) But it’s still an entertaining list, and worth checking out.

10 Science Fiction Novels Every Writer Should Read – Notice this doesn’t specify just science-fiction writers. I like this list since it’s not telling you these are the best of anything, just that they’re important works that will lend something to a writer’s education. Plus I’m quite fond of several of these titles.

How Books Will Survive Amazon – A thoughtful article.

What We’re Reading: The Before-Bed Edition – Some nice reading suggestions, but totally worth the visit for the photograph alone.

The Difficult Second Novel – A look at one writer’s thoughts on writing that nerve-wracking second book.

What Is too Dark for YA? – A look at the current trend toward difficult material in young adult books, and what should be considered “too dark” to tackle within the genre.