Links for Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! My weekend is fair on bursting with work and obligations of all sorts, but I’m happy to say that I have my usual link round up for you all. Whether you’re having a leisurely couple of days or on the run already, I hope you have a few minutes to check these out. Either way, have a lovely weekend. Enjoy!

Write like Jane Austen – Get modern words translated into period-appropriate Jane-Austen speak.

Regency Place Name Generator – An excellent companion to the link above.

Yale Introduces Another 7 Free Online Courses – Looking to expand your mind? Free online university courses might be the ticket.

Slush Pile Hell – Next time you’re cursing literary agents, remember that we see this stuff every day. In multiples.

Neil Gaiman Interviews Stephen King – Just what it says.

3 thoughts on “Links for Friday

  1. Cool~ loved the Stephen King interview and checking out the Yale courses too! Thanks for posting!!

  2. Do you know, I’ve been spending the past few months working on a regency romance novel and one of the hardest parts is comign up with an original name. I think of one and use it then after a while realise that it’s actually taken.
    Thank you for saving me!

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