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Happy Friday, all! I’m here with my weekly link roundup. First, and most pertinent to this week’s general theme, I’m happy to say that both SOPA and PIPA are currently tabled. That does not mean they won’t rear their heads again, but it’s a step in the right direction. For those interested in the results of the Wednesday internet blackout/protest, you can see some statistics over here. It’s lovely to see what can happen when people ban together.

And without further ado, the fun stuff. Have a terrific weekend, and happy writing!

Why Print Is Here to Stay – an argument for a world with both electronic and paper reading material.

Writing Evocative Descriptions – some good advice and examples.

The 10 Most Anticipated Book Adaptations of 2012 – I didn’t even know some of these books were being made into films…

Famous Literary Friendships – a fun roundup.

Writing A Lot… and then some – an interesting look at the inner censor

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