Pre-holiday Links

Happy Wednesday, interwebs! I bring you links, because I’m planning to actually take the Labor Day weekend off (gasp!) and I’m on a tear right now to get a bunch of things finished before I officially unplug. So I offer you a list of things to check out, and bid you a fond adieu. Maybe I’ll pop in over the next few days, but more likely not, so enjoy the holiday weekend if you’re here in the States, and the weekend in general if you’re not.

How a Book Is Made: From the Middle Ages to Today – Fun videos on book making at all different points in history.

America First? – Interesting story on American reading habits and how little foreign fiction we consume.

The 5 Types of Blogs: Which One Suits You Best? – Inspirational for anyone looking to start a blog or revamp one.

101 of the Best Fiction-Writing Tips – A list of tips and advice to keep in mind when writing fiction, including sources.

Southern GothicThe Paris Review blog on Southern Gothic literature. Great for planning some different, spooky fall reads leading up to Halloween (which is just two months away!).

One thought on “Pre-holiday Links

  1. Thanks for the links. The “101 of the best fiction writing tips” is priceless. The “America First?” is something to ponder about, but it makes sense. Readers probably prefer to read about what is familiar to them, so generally a book set in America will sell better.

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