Random Linkage

It’s Monday morning. I’m on my third cup of coffee, but I’m not sure I’m firing on all thrusters quite yet. I thank my home owners’ association (well, not mine–I’m renting) for deciding that today was a perfect day to change the code on all of our garage door remotes. I was up, dressed, and down in the garage at 6:30 a.m. to get mine done so that I can leave later to do important things–like get to the post office. This after burning the midnight oil. I’m not a morning person.

Adding insult to injury, I started off my day (post-garage) by reading this. I enjoyed it very much and agreed with him entirely, right up until he reached his conclusion. Needless to say, I have a different theory, but that has to wait for another post.

Today, I offer links. Because my day is going to be filled with things like reading contracts, and I’m reserving all of my brain power for those tasks. But I wish you all a very lovely Monday; may it be speedy and painless.

Dispatch from Turkey: Plagiarism Charges Levied at Award-Winning Author – I have never read any of this author’s work, but I must say that this seems like a vague charge. When you’re looking at concepts or situations in fiction, it’s very difficult to point and say “that belongs to so-and-so.” When you get into works in translation, you have the added difficultly of the translator’s choices and nuances thrown in. It’s not the same as pulling out sentences or dialogue that is almost identical. What I find most interesting, and a little disturbing, is how quickly this situation has been tweeted around the publishing world since The Millions posted this story. It’s much easier to convey accusation and guilt in 140 characters than to suggest impartiality.

A Genre Writer Accepts Himself – Author Will Lavender on his evolution as a thriller writer. (via Katharine Beutner)

The Towering Book Stack – This art installation in Buenos Aires is comprised of 30,000 donated books.