Further Migrations

Those of you who frequent Live Journal are most likely aware that the site has been down for the last two days and change due to ongoing DDoS attacks. Makes me very happy I chose to finally move my blog over here to WordPress.

I’m not the only one to have taken the plunge. My fellow agent (and author) Lucienne Diver has moved her agent/author blog to WordPress as well, and can now be found chatting about books and publishing here.

In addition, my client, fantasy author Helen Keeble, has moved to a new home. Her site is still a work in progress, but she has some links up to some of her amazing short fiction. Additional material–including details on her debut YA fantasy forthcoming from HarperTeen (Fall 2012), the extremely witty FANG GIRL (formerly NO SUCKER, for those of you who recall me discussing its sale)–will be coming soon. Helen’s new website is here.

2 thoughts on “Further Migrations

  1. I wonder what’s happening in Russia.

    DNS attacks on LiveJournal are probably attempts to prevent the opposition from using it for organizing.

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