Got Fangs?

Welcome to the first day of the Writing and Rambling anniversary giveaway! It’s been a year since I migrated this blog to Word Press, so to celebrate I offer up some lovely freebies. First up is a fabulous young adult debut, FANG GIRL, not due in stores until September. Author Helen Keeble has a fabulous sense of humor and it shines through in this delightful paranormal adventure that pays homage to all the great vampires stories, new and old, even as it playfully pokes fun at them.

Sure, the idea of vampires is sexy, but who actually dreams of spending eternity as a pasty, bloodthirsty fifteen-year-old?

Not me.

Unfortunately, the somewhat psychotic vampire who turned me into a bloodsucker didn’t bother to ask first. Now I’m dealing with parents who want me to vamp them, a younger brother who’s convinced I’m a zombie, and a seriously ripped vampire hunter who either wants to stake me or make out with me. Not sure which. Oh and PS, none of my favorite fanfic prepared me to deal with vampire politics—which are looking pretty tricky based on the undead Elder trying to hunt me down.

What’s a vampire-obsessed fangirl turned real-life fanggirl supposed to do?

Want a chance to read FANG GIRL early? Leave a comment here on the thread between now and Friday, July 13th at noon Pacific Time to be entered in the drawing. I’ll come back and announce the random winner at that time.

More giveaways all week long, so don’t forget to check back for the details!

EDITED TO ADD: Congratulations to Aimee, who is the winner in this drawing! Aimee, watch your inbox for information on how to collect your ARC.

Thanks to everyone who entered to win this ARC. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the rest of the giveaways going on here at the blog. Good luck!

37 thoughts on “Got Fangs?

  1. I’m sure I wouldn’t want to be a 15 year old vampire stuck at 15!!!
    Thanks Nephele for the giveaway and Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary Nephele! This one sounds like a fun read. Will have to ask my 15 year old son what he would think about meeting Fang Girl!

  3. Thanks for the early opportunity to read this novel! I am dying (please excuse the terrible pun) to read it =) Adios and congratulations on being on WordPress for an entire year? I don’t know quite how to phrase it so….. have fun =P

  4. I like to read new authors (new for me) and I like this kind of story
    paranormal and funny.

  5. I wantz!!! And it is my turn!!! 🙂 Soooo I’ll patiently wait to receive my “Congratulations! You WON!!!” message 🙂

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