Friday Links

TGIF! The only problem with taking a vacation is coming home and needing to catch up with everything that happened while you were away. I’m still digging out from beneath my email-and-manuscript mountain, so I apologize for the state of quiet here this week, but I do have Friday Links, and with a little luck by next week it will be business as usual.

I feel like there’s been quite a bit of uproar in the publishing world the last couple of weeks, which is reflected in these links, but I did try to balance all the hoopla out with some other sorts of things. Regardless, I hope you find them interesting and entertaining. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, and some good writing/reading time. Enjoy!

Ursula LeGuin at 85 – A wonderful BBC Radio interview with the author.

The 2014 VIDA Count – A look at how many women’s voices made it into periodicals last year.

Why Keeping a Journal Is so Important for Writers and All Creative Types – An interesting look at how to use a journal for inspiration and to organize ideas.

The Hugo Awards Were Always Political. But Now They’re Only Political. – A look at the kerfuffle regarding this year’s Hugo nominations, with links to additional material.

145+ YA Books for your April – June 2015 Radar – A wonderful wrap up of new YA titles due out in the next few months.

Friday Links

Happy spring! Today is the first full day of spring, and I hope it finds you ready for a wonderful weekend, whatever your local weather. I have some great links this week, including book recs, so if you’re in a part of the country that’s still holding onto winter, you might consider curling up somewhere warm and cozy with one of these titles. Of course, I’d love to hear you’ve devoted an hour or two to your writing, as well.

Whatever your plans, wishing you a lovely Friday and a good weekend break. Enjoy!

10 Women Writers All Women Should Read – (Men, too.) A good selection, though by no means exhaustive.

16 Ways to Conquer the Blank Page – How to fight writer’s block.

23 Children’s Books You Need to Read Again as an Adult – Whether you read them to your kids or just dive in yourself, nice list.

The VIDA Count: 2013 – In case you haven’t already seen it. A survey of how major publications have done in the last year regarding the diversity of their contributors/subjects.

A Tale of Two Literary Magazines – A look at the reactions of two publications in the wake of the VIDA statistics, interesting for the attitudes of the participants as much as for the results themselves.

Fictional Places that Attract Real Tourists – Having visited a few hobbit holes — among other things — myself, I can relate to this tendency.