Friday Links

Happy Friday! I hope you’ve all got something lovely planned for the weekend. I’ll be searching out some cool spots to escape the ongoing heat wave here in Southern California — going on two weeks or so of ridiculously high temps. But before we all run off for places weekend-y, I’ve got some links for your edification and entertainment. Enjoy!

People of Color in European Art – Looking to instill some diversity in your sff or historical fiction? Check out this great tumblr for inspiration/historical accuracy.

Endings that Hover – Some thoughts on ending stories.

Italo Calvino’s 14 Definitions of What Makes a Classic – Interesting round up.

Holly Black Resurrects Vampires – While I’m personally still a bit burned out on the genre, I like Black’s explanation about why she chose to write a vampire YA right now. it’s a good attitude for a writer to have.

Chasing the Light: On Not Quitting the Writing Life – A nice look at persistence and the way different writers advance at different speeds.