Friday Links

Down and dirty today, as I am off to Spokane, WA for the Power of the Pen Writer’s Conference. But I have Friday Links for you before I head out to the airport, because I wouldn’t want you feeling left out. I hope you’ve all got some good plans for the next couple of days, whatever your local weather/season/work load, etc., and that you find at least a bit of time to write and read for your own pleasure. Enjoy!

Debut Author Lessons: Should You Be a Full-time Writer? – Part of Mary Robinette Kowal’s series answering some basic questions about the writing life, filled with excellent advice.

Celebrating Women with Robyn Carr – The romance writer shares a personal experience where a “woman’s book” captured a male reader’s attention.

Ploughshares Emerging Writer’s Contest – Details on contest rules; deadline May 15th.

One Man’s Obsession with Rediscovering a Lost Typeface – The search for, and recovery of, the Doves Press typeface.

Writing Women Characters as Human Beings – Great advice from Kate Elliott on writing believable characters unlike yourself.