Neil Gaiman in Conversation with Junot Díaz

Last November, Neil Gaiman sat down and had a long chat with author Junot Díaz, one of his final appearances before he takes 2016 off to be just a writer and a father to his new baby with wife Amanda Palmer. This interview kicks off with a great rundown of the history of Sandman, which is well worth watching whether you’re familiar with the comics series or not. If you prefer to just get right to Neil, you can jump to about the 6:30 mark, where the video moves to the interview venue. This is a longish interview — nearly an hour and a half — so be sure to carve out a bit of time to watch.

Art, Race, and Capitalism with Juno Diaz

I promised a few weeks ago that there would be more discussions on here about the role and treatment of women and people of color in the publishing world, and I have a new post in the works along those lines. Unfortunately, I’m still laboring under the work landslide and so, in lieu of my own thoughts, I offer up this wonderful video of a talk by Dominican-American author Juno Diaz. As the title suggests, he looks at how race and money war in the world of artistic endeavors. It’s long — over an hour — but well worth setting aside some time to watch.