Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

Wishing everyone celebrating a very happy Thanksgiving. It’s been a tough year and yet there is still so much to be grateful for. Thank you to everyone who has stood up for themselves, for others, for people in need. We’ve seen so much hatred flung about in recent months, but we’ve also seen love and truth and determination to get things back on a proper track and make our country a fair, safe harbor for all of its residents. I’m grateful for my friends and family, my wonderful clients and coworkers, and for all you lovely folks. Have a joyous holiday, and don’t forget to take a bit of personal time. Steal a half hour to write, or curl up with a good book. Enjoy!

In the Spirit of Giving

Those of you who frequent this blog know I’m highly in favor of giving books to those who have few or none at their disposal, and that I’m a huge supporter of the book fairs run by Guys Lit Wire, a blog that focuses on reviewing books that appeal to younger male readers in particular. Well, they’re hosting a book fair for the holidays, benefiting Ballou Sr. High School in Washington, D.C. The school first came to their attention last spring, at which point the school library held an abysmal one book per student enrolled — a really shameful ratio. The spring fair and some additional efforts have brought the ratio up to four books per student, but that still falls short of the American Library Association’s recommended eleven books per student.

With Thanksgiving around the corner here in the U.S., it’s a perfect time to consider what you’re truly grateful for in your life. I’m particularly grateful that I have easy access to any and all books I could ever possibly wish to read, a luxury that many people do not share, whether for financial or political reasons. So I’m donating some books to this excellent cause, and I ask that you do the same if you’re able. If a book donation is not something you can do right now, please consider boosting the signal for this school, and helping them to achieve their goals in that way.

Complete details are posted over at the Guys Lit Wire Blog, including a link to the school’s wish list of titles at Powell’s Books.