Friday Links: Shoring Up Your Writing Foundations

Happy Friday! We’re heading into Mother’s Day weekend, so I hope you have some plans, whether you are a mother or are just celebrating your own or some other mother in your life. Whatever else is going on, it’s always wonderful to take a moment to tell the people we love how much we care.

Should you have some writing time set aside around all the brunch or lunch or other types of activities, I have some links here that I hope will give you a bit of a push. Writing involves some digging deep, some soul searching, some serious thought if you want to get down to its very foundations and figure out what makes a story tick, what makes your characters true. Or even just what makes you commit to the work to begin with. So take a few minutes to check these out, either over the weekend or in the coming week, and see if they give you a fresh outlook. Enjoy!

The Road to Extraordinary – On the pursuit of excellence.

Essential Books for Writers – Some great titles to check out, or revisit if it’s been a while.

How Mapping Alice Munro’s Stories Helped Me as a Writer – Thoughts on how to learn from the work of others.

The Poetic Edda, Game of Thrones, and Ragnarök – A look at what the popular books and HBO series owe to Norse myths.

How to Plot and Outline without Using a Formula – Jane Friedman offers some thoughts on the architecture of books.

The Perpetual Solitude of the Writer – The role of loneliness in creating intimacy with one’s characters.

Write Like a Motherfucker – The classic “Dear Sugar” (Cheryl Strayed) response at The Rumpus. Every writer should read this periodically.

Friday Links

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you’ve had a wonderful, productive week, and managed to get some writing done each day. Now’s a great time to take a look at your plans for the weekend and determine when you can schedule a couple of blocks of time in front of your computer or notebook. Remember, every little bit counts. Even squeezing in 15 minutes on your current WIP helps keep your creative muscles limber and ready to work on demand.

Meanwhile, I come bearing links! There are some great things floating around the internet, and I’m happy to be able to share them with all of you. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Isaac Asimov on Curiosity, Taking Risk, and the Value of Space Exploration in Muppet Magazine – Isaac Asimov meets the Muppets. I don’t think I need say anything more.

Alice Munro’s Living-Room Acceptance – The author could not travel to Sweden to accept her Nobel Prize in person due to ill health, so she accepted by video.

The Critics’ Best Books of 2013 – A compilation of the “best books” lists of 2013, distilled down to the 20 most frequently cited.

Are You Absolutely, Positively, and Wholeheartedly Ready to Publish Your Novel? – A fun flowchart.

The Tournament of Books Long List – A great resource if you’re searching for gifts or just a wonderful holiday read for yourself.