Wrapping Up NaNoWriMo: Write into the New Year

How often do you promise yourself that you will keep up your writing during the holiday season, only to go weeks without a word? December brings chaos, with family and shopping and travel, never mind end-of-year work obligations. I understand how busy it can be, and how writing can take a back seat. Hence my annual December Writing Challenge.

Photo by Işıl

Each year, I encourage writers to prioritize their writing during the month of December. The idea centers on maintaining your momentum, whether you are finishing up a month of frantic work for NaNoWriMo, or are just plugging along on a work-in-progress. Take a little time to write each day. Even fifteen minutes counts. Unless you’re on deadline, don’t fret over word counts or progress made. Simply show up and keep your writing muscles limber.

My own schedule looks crazy this year, but I plan to show up here every few days with some cheerleading for anyone taking the challenge, starting with a full post of tips tomorrow to kick things off. I’ll post on Twitter, Instagram, etc., more frequently, so be sure to follow me for extra encouragement.

Please note: I do not mean to say that a writer has to write every day under normal circumstances. But for this particular challenge, that’s part of the fun. When life cranks things up to eleven, can you find a way to make your goals a priority?

I hope to see many of you join in the challenge. Give a wave here or on socials if you’re participating. It’s always wonderful to see who has decided to play along, and how they progress. Happy writing!