Friday Links

Happy Friday! I am coming to you through the magic of scheduled posting, since at this moment (assuming you read this by Sunday morning) I am in Boise for a writers’ conference. Scheduled posting is one of the best internet inventions ever.

That said, I have a great collection of links this week, so I hope you all find something to entertain and inspire you. Also, I’d like to suggest that now is a great time to take a look at your goals for May. Yes, we are a couple of days in already, but that’s no excuse to avoid the subject. No time like the present. So what writing tasks have you set for yourself? Have you been working on anything that you started in April that you’d like to keep up this month? Or maybe you need to retrench a bit. Give it a little thought this weekend in between whatever else is on your schedule. Happy weekend, and enjoy!

Talking with the Publishers of New LA-based Unnamed Press – Because it’s always great to hear about people joining the publishing party.

How I Tackle a Big Writing Project – Feeling overwhelmed? Here are some great tips from Leo Babauta.

50 Signs You’re Addicted to Reading – Chances are you already know you are, but this list is still fun.

The Lost Art of Memorizing Poetry – Because Poetry Month is never truly over.

Ditching Dickensian – What does the term mean, and is it overused?