Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Heather, the winner of the ARC for Shannon K. Butcher‘s newest Sentinel Wars book, DYING WISH. Heather, please watch your e-mail for information on how to claim your prize.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the giveaway. The book will be available in stores on March 6th. In the meantime, keep on visiting, as there will be more fun stuff here on the blog in months to come.


Yes, it’s that time. I’m giving away another book, though in this case it’s an Advance Reader Copy (ARC). Shannon K. Butcher‘s next installment in her exciting Sentinel Wars series, DYING WISH, is due in stores March 6th, but you have the chance to win an early peek. Just comment here on this post between now and Monday, February 13th at 5:00pm PST. I’ll pick a commenter at random to win the ARC and post their name here. Good luck!

Jackie Patton has been rescued by the Theronai from her captivity and torture at the hands of the Synestryn, only to learn that she’s a potential match for the Theronai warriors who need a woman to literally save their lives.

Forced to choose, she unexpectedly selects Iain, a cold-hearted warrior who doesn’t want to be saved. Iain is convinced that it’s too late-that his soul is already as dead as his former betrothed, killed by the Synestryn. Still, he is the only one she wants. But is Iain indeed beyond saving?

Happy Book Release Day!

A very happy book release day to two of my clients. First up, we have Shannon K. Butcher‘s fabulous BOUND BY VENGEANCE, an e-special release in her Sentinel series. This novella is available in various electronic formats only, and takes place shortly before DYING WISH, the next novel in the series, which hits stores in March.

The guilt that Defender Dakota Kacey feels about her brother’s death is all-consuming, making her determined to find and kill the demon who murdered him. But the leader of the Defenders is worried about what Dakota is capable of, and calls in Liam Lann to keep an eye on her. Dakota knows what kind of power a Theronai like Liam possesses, and agrees to bind herself to him if he’ll help her exact vengeance. But a bond to a Theronai is not a decision to make lightly, and as the search for the killer intensifies, Dakota will have to learn to trust Liam completely, or risk losing everything.

Big congrats to Shannon!

Next up is a book I’ve mentioned here before: MISS HILLARY SCHOOLS A SCOUNDREL by Samantha Grace. This fun Regency romance is Samantha’s debut novel, and has already garnered some lovely reviews, including a starred review from Publishers Weekly.

HE’LL NEVER SETTLE FOR ONE WOMAN… Debonair bachelor Lord Andrew Forest lives for pleasure and offers no apologies. But he receives a dose of his own medicine when his family’s entrancing houseguest beds him, then disappears without so much as a by-your-leave. He’d like to teach the little vixen a thing or two about how to love and man…if he can find her..

AND SHE WON’T SETTLE FOR HEARTBREAK… After the dashing man of her dreams is revealed as a lying scoundrel, heiress Lana Hilary is ready to seek a match with a respectable gentleman-if only they weren’t so dreadfully boring. Unable to rein in her bold nature for long, Lana flirts with trouble and finds herself entangled with exactly the type of man she’s vowed to avoid.

Big congrats to Samantha, as well!

Happy Book Day!

A very happy release day to Shannon K. Butcher, whose second book in the Edge series, RAZOR’S EDGE, hits shelves today. This exciting work of romantic suspense follows security expert Roxanne “Razor” Haught as she goes from working corporate espionage cases to becoming a target herself. With the firm newcomer, Tanner O’Connell, watching her back, much to Razor’s annoyance, the pair set out to learn the identity of the assassin on her tail and to stop him from completing his mission.

Also out today, the mass market paperback edition of Nalini Singh‘s KISS OF SNOW. This copy has special extras not found in the hardcover edition. For those of you who already have a copy, never fear, as Nalini will be putting the extras up on her website in a few days when she returns from her trip to India. This book tells the long-awaited story Hawke, the alpha of the SnowDancer wolf pack, and Sienna Lauren, the young psy woman who defected from the PsyNet with her family.


Yes, it’s that time again. I have an ARC for some lucky person, so listen up. Shannon K. Butcher‘s RAZOR’S EDGE, book two in her new romantic suspense series, doesn’t hit shelves until the beginning of November, but I’m happy to announce that I’m giving away an ARC for the book this week.

Roxanne “Razor” Haught is an expert in stealth security for corporate espionage cases. But now she’s a target. Tanner O’Connell has no intentions of leaving Razor’s side. Despite her objections to having a “babysitter”, his orders as the newest member of the Edge are to watch her back. With a brainwashed assassin after his partner, Tanner cannot afford to let his desire for Razor interfere with his duty. His special ops skills may be all that stand between saving Razor-or losing her forever.

All you need to do is post a comment here on this thread (just one per person, please) between now and Wednesday, October 12th at 5:00pm PT. I will draw a winner randomly from the entrants and announce that person’s name on Thursday. Yes, this is open internationally–I know that’s always a big question–so come one, come all and enter. Good luck!

Happy Book Day!

A big congratulations to Shannon K. Butcher, whose BLOOD HUNT, book 5 in the Sentinel series, hits stores today. How’s this for gorgeous cover?

Hope appeared out of nowhere, naked and alone, a woman without a past. The only thing she knows is that she is imbued with a strange power. It’s in her blood. And two men want to posses it. One is Logan, a Sanguiner demon-fighter who needs Hope’s essence to survive. The other is Krag, a Synestryn lord whose desire is to enslave Hope, and drain her of the lifeforce. When Hope and Logan both fall prey to Krag, a powerful desire grows between them. But is it enough to thwart their captor’s diabolical plan and his demon warriors, and survive a vampire’s destiny written in blood?

If you’re looking for a fun, sexy read for a hot summer day (or chilly winter day, for our friends to the south), be sure to check it out.