Friday Links

Friday has rolled around again. I’ve had a weird week in that it seemed to fly by, even as each individual day was a week long all on its own. I’m hoping you all experienced time in a more normal fashion, and that you’ve got a wonderful weekend planned.

At least in this half of the world, spring seems to have finally come to town (with a few snowy exceptions). Don’t let spring fever derail whatever writing goals you’ve set for yourself. Instead, try to combine your goals with a little fresh air. Grab your laptop or a notebook and go write in your yard or at a nearby park. Take a thermos of coffee and a blanket or folding chair and breath deeply while you write. Who knows what inspiration might strike? Just don’t forget your sunscreen.

But it’s Friday and that means links, as I’m sure you all know by now. I’ve actually got quite a few this week. It’ll be good to finally close out all these browser tabs. I hope you find these as interesting, educational, and entertaining as I did. The Will Hindmarch piece is a particularly important read. Enjoy!

This Column Will Change Your Life: Helsinki Bus Station Theory – A theory of creativity. It references photography, but really, this could apply to any artistic endeavor.

I Read Everything Jane Austen Wrote, Several Times – An interesting look at one reader’s impression of Austen’s work and what it meant to her.

Alix Ohlin Recommends – The author gives a couple of tips on how to drum up inspiration.

Forever All The Time Always – Guest blogging for Wil Wheaton, writer Will Hindmarch talks about depression and the lies it tells you about your writing, your skills, and your worth.

Let the Memory Live Again – Did you memorize poetry as a kid? Do you still? The Paris Review blog talks about a new app from Penguin Books that helps you to memorize a few classic poems.

Pablo Neruda’s Grave Is Opened in Inquiry into the Poet’s Death – ¬†Questions have come up as to whether he might have been poisoned by someone in the Pinochet regime.