Friday Links: Inspiration for December Writing

As promised, I’m back with some inspiration for December writing in this week’s Friday Links. Even if you’re not participating in the 2017 December Writing Challenge, I hope you plan to get some writing done this month. The links that follow offer tips, plus some entertainment to keep you smiling as you work. And of course, there are more book recommendations to keep your TBR stocked and maybe help with gift giving. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and some terrific writing time!

This Week’s Links:

Tortoise Victories: How to Win While Writing Slow. – A lovely post that discusses how slow, steady writing will still let you meet your goals.

12 Literary Cocktails to Pair with Classic Reads. – Fun for an evening at home, or if you’re doing a little holiday entertaining!

‘Bad Sex in Fiction Award’ Goes to Novelist Who Compared Skin to Stained Bathtub. – In case you were wondering, there are certain descriptions that really don’t appeal. Great for a chuckle.

Holiday Books Guide and the Best Books of 2017. – The best-books lists continue with this offering from the LA Times.

21 Gifts Under $21 for Writers and Book Lovers. – Suggestions for your shopping list, or for you to drop in hints to friends and family.

Sci Fi Writer Nnedi Okorafor Discusses Inspiration and Influences. – A radio interview with the novelist who is gearing up to write a run of Marvel’s Black Panther comic.

Some Baffling Omissions from the NY Times’ 100 Noteable Books List – LitHub tacks on some great reads they feel got shortchanged in the NYT wrap-up.


Weekend Linkage

I can’t say I know what happened to this week — it really flew right by. Heck, let’s face it, I’m not sure where October went.

What I do know is that the weekend is upon us and I’m once again (still?) buried in submissions and client reading. So I offer up some links to keep you entertained, including thoughts for preparing for Nanowrimo, which kicks off Tuesday. Happy weekend, everyone, and enjoy!

Writing Short Stories or Articles with a Fantastical Twist – Some good thoughts, and sort of appropriate for the days before Halloween.

Online Resources for Improving Your Life – A useful look at some online organizational tools.

Martha Alderson: How to Plot Your Writing Time During the Month of November – A few tips for you Nano-types.

The Story Bible: What It Is and Why You Need One – More good tips for tracking details in your WIP.

The Last Slacker: Colson Whitehead’s Zone One – Because what’s the weekend before Halloween without something zombie-related?

20 Alcoholic Beverages Inspired by the Harry Potter Series – I’m not sure this requires any explanation.