Conference and Course Update

Greetings, all! I know it’s been on the quiet side here, with the exception of Friday Links, and I’m attempting to pull myself out of my reading/editing cave to remedy that a bit. I’m kicking off with a few small announcements today. First, we’re heading into conference season, so I’ve updated my Conference and Travel page with my schedule for the next few months. You can check in there to see what conferences I will be participating in, as well as any I’m simply attending. Please feel free to say hello if you’re going to be at one of these! I love meeting you all.

Next up, I’m pleased to announce that I once more will be teaching my webinar through Writer’s DigestConquer the Dreaded Synopsis: Construct the Ultimate Sales Tool. The course takes place online on June 1st, 2017, at 1pm ET. Please note that if you register ahead, you will receive an email after the live course with a link to a complete replay for your reference, and information on how to submit your synopsis to me for critique. So even if the time is not convenient for you, you might still consider signing up. I have plenty of students who register and take the class after the fact as best suits their schedule and submit their work for critique.

3 thoughts on “Conference and Course Update

  1. How long should the synopsis be for purposes of the webinar and associated critique opportunity? I’m at the point of revising my current WIP and taking a stab at a synopsis would be timely. I’m wondering what length to shoot for. Thanks!

    Also, I did find the webinar on the Writer’s Digest site, but the link doesn’t seem to be directly properly.

    1. Hi Eric,

      The goal of the webinar is to provide tools to help you write a brand new or edit an existing synopsis, and the critique comes after the course. You have approx. two weeks following the course date to send in your finished synopsis for the critique, so you certainly don’t need to have it written ahead. That said, I cover several lengths of synopses that can be used for different situations, but focus primarily on one that’s about 2-5 pages (depending on the needs of your manuscript) and that’s what people generally send in for the critique.

      And thanks for the note about the link! Fixed now.


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