Friday Links

This has been a long week filled with sad and tragic and angering events in the media. I’m hoping for a calm and peaceful weekend with a stack of good books and, possibly, a couple of cocktails. Wishing you the same.

But first, I have links! I’m quite pleased with this selection and I hope you all find something here to inspire you. There’s a mix of words of wisdom and good, strong kicks in the rear. So please check them out, and have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy!

How Rainbow Rowell Turned a Bomb into a Best-selling Novel – That’s the tick-tock type of bomb, not the failure sort of bomb.

David Foster Wallace on Writing, Self-Improvement, and How We Become Who We Are – Some really thoughtful and considered ideas.

Vintage Books Offers New E-book “Vintage Shorts” – Both new and classic shorts, essays, etc. to be released as low priced short e-books.

Inside Junot Diaz’s Class at MIT:What the Writer Wants His Students to Read – Diaz pretty famously criticized American MFA programs for their lack of diversity, and here shares the reading lists for his own classes to show what he considers a more even set of works.

Writing Around a Day Job – Author Tom Pollock shares his thoughts on how to manage regular writing time while holding down a full-time job.

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  1. The Foster Wallace link was a true blessing today – thank you for providing it.

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