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Happy Friday! I am officially on vacation starting close of business today through the 6th, and I am anticipating lots of books and beach time and movies, and other things that do not require hours in front of my computer staring at submissions. I might be a little excited. In addition, next Friday is the July 4th holiday here in the U.S., so there will be no Friday Links next week. Because of this, I may, possibly, have thrown a few fun extras in today. Because I love you guys, and I’m nice like that.

However, this will not be a dead zone next week in my absence. I’m pre-loading a few posts to keep you busy, so be sure to stop by and see what’s up. You may just find that inspiration you’re looking for to jump start a new project or kick that misbehaving character into line. If not, you’ll at least find some tips to store away for when they might come in handy.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Enjoy!

Pablo Neruda Poems ‘of Extraordinary Quality’ Discovered – More than 20 new poems uncovered in the late poet’s papers.

The Literary Films of Summer 2014 – If your film tastes run toward the bookish, here are a few movies to check out.

Better Than Summer Camp: 10 Books to Help You Relive Your Childhood Summers – Great list.

10 Things Writers Don’t Know about the Woods – Tips on getting it right.

Joanna Rakoff: A Pivotal Year – An interview with the author where she explains the background of her new book, My Salinger Year.

31 Essential Science Fiction Terms and Where They Came From – Fun look at the history of the genre.

Shonda Rhimes’s Real Talk for Dartmouth Grads: Dreams Are for Losers – The screenwriter/show runner’s recent commencement speech, in which she gives some stellar advice about getting out there and pursuing the things you want out of life.

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  1. Well in that case: Cheers from Austria and a wonderful vacation!
    For myself I have tuckered myself to my MS this year, but to have a change of scenery moved screen and keyboard to the open window. Alas all this ice-cream smelling green and fluttery buzz makes my characters a bit dizzy and giddy. Always need to drag them back in…

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