Friday Links

Happy Friday! Today is the first Friday after the Memorial Day weekend, which in publishing ushers in the phenomenon of summer Fridays — those short work days that kick off the weekend early all summer long so that publishing folks can get the heck out of dodge and enjoy a few days at the beach, or wherever. Of course, for those of us on the west coast, that means a summer of remembering to get hold of editors early in the week because by the time we’re awake and working Friday morning, everyone in New York has one foot out the door.

Summer Fridays make me think of summer reading. My plan for the next few weeks, however, involves plowing through my inbox backlog and reading submissions rather than anything specific off my to-read pile or one of those infamous lists of beach reads. But that doesn’t mean I can’t point you all toward some fun summer reading material, as well as inspire you to get some summer writing done. Don’t get lured away from your desk by those longer days and lovely weather; put your time in and get your words down before you go play!

That said, I offer you this week’s links, and wish you a wonderful weekend. Enjoy!

Book Clubs Mean Business – An interesting look at the role of book clubs in today’s publishing market, and also a peek inside some really fun book-club activities.

Definitive Manifesto for Handling Haters – Anne Lamott looks at the dangers of perfectionism and putting other people’s opinions and needs ahead of our own.

How the Amazon-Hachette Fight Could Shape the Future of Ideas – Thoughts on the long-term, big picture effects of this latest publishing feud.

The Great 2014 Short Fiction Round-Up – Recommendations for some great new collections of short stories.

Adventure Reading 101 – An introduction to some exciting books/authors focused on adventure and travel writing, for those of you looking for an armchair vacation.