Because some things cannot wait…

I realize it’s not Friday, not link day, but every once in a while you read something that must be shared immediately. Not tomorrow or whenever there’s a free spot in the link list, but now.

So, for all you writers out there, striving and putting in your time and feeling discouraged, wondering why no one gets it, I bring you Writing. It’s Hard. Because you’re not alone.

6 thoughts on “Because some things cannot wait…

  1. I needed that.

    I also thought you’d be happy to know your first mini-challenge last week has led to a story idea! My first new story idea in three years 🙂 Thank you for the mini-challenges!

    1. I’m glad this was timely for you. I suspect it’s something most writers need to read/hear at some point or other.

      And congratulations on the story idea! I’m so very pleased that the mini challenge was inspirational for you. Good luck with your writing. 🙂

  2. Definitely something we all need to hear sometimes… Thanks so much for sharing!

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