December Writing Challenge: Wrap Up

It’s December 31st, the final day of 2012 and the last day of my Writing Challenge for the month. How did you do? Have you written every day? Did you take your two freebie days off, or did you discover you didn’t need them? Do you feel like you accomplished more than you might have without the structure of this informal challenge? I’d love to hear your reactions, so please share.

Meanwhile, it’s time to gear up for a new year! 2013 is just hours away (for some of you maybe even here already), with all the promise of a fresh start. If you’ve been writing this month, through the challenge or just on your own, you are in a good place to charge into the new year and attack your writing goals.

If you haven’t made a few writing goals for 2013, there’s still time to do so. Where would you like to take your writing in the next twelve months? Do you dream of finishing a manuscript? Getting an agent or a book contract? Trying your hand at a new genre or market? Be sure to challenge yourself, but also make sure you have a few goals you’re pretty sure you can achieve. A nice mix will enable you to feel a sense of accomplishment, even as you strive to reach the next mile marker. Break your goals up by month, so you have something to work for on a daily basis, instead of tackling a single, long-term project over the entire year. You’ll be less likely to get overwhelmed, or discouraged. Every day counts, even if you just write for fifteen minutes. Those words add up fast.

Whatever your dreams for 2013, be they writing related or just for life in general, I wish you all manners of success. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “December Writing Challenge: Wrap Up

  1. Happy New Year! I did accomplish my goals for the month, including getting my entry off to the Golden Heart. It really did help to have structure for the month of December, rather than to just chalk up lack of productivity to “the holidays”. I did take two days off, and a couple of days, I barely checked in with only a few paragraphs. It’s pretty clear: If you can do it in December, you can do it all year long. Thanks for the encouragement to try.

  2. I did manage to write every day during December, but I’ve got to say it was a challenge! I think I may have skipped Christmas day itself.

    Writing resolutions – thinking about those now!

  3. I managed to write most days — often, it occurred as I tried to read when I went to sleep. A word or expression on the page would trigger an idea, and now I am busy transcribing material for my WIP from the margins of Aleksander Hemon and Anne Enrights novels. With kids and end of my teaching semester, I’m sure I missed more than 2 days, though — so I may be taking your December challenge into January! Thanks for sharing the motivation! Best for your writing.

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