Friday Links

It’s that time of the week! Wishing all of you a lovely Friday and a relaxing, fun-filled weekend, with perhaps some great reading and writing thrown in for good measure. But between your WsIP, weeding the garden, firing up the BBQ, and the trip to the beach with your kids, you might want to spend a few quiet, air-conditioned minutes checking out these sites. Enjoy!

Geeking Out about Storytelling with Joss Whedon – A fun, informative interview.

Re-visioning, Not Retelling – On using fairy tales for inspiration.

American Science Fiction: Classic Novels of the 1950s – A great new site from Library of America.

In 1909, You Could Fake-Murder Your Friends in a Wax Bullet Duel – Just too weird not to share. Hey, research for someone, right?

Penguin Gets Self-Publisher Author Solutions for $116 Million – Some industry news.

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  1. Thanks for alerting me to the LOA’s 1950’s science fiction page! I lecture on the history of SF sometimes, and that will be a great resource to provide for further reading. (Also, it’s just interesting on a personal level.)

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