Friday Links

Apologies for the quiet state of the blog this week. I am still digging out from my conference jaunt Monday and Tuesday. I’m suffering from a combination of work-pile-up and drained brain. Thank goodness it’s almost the weekend. The current plan is to retire to my couch with several client manuscripts and stir only in case of emergencies.

Meanwhile, I leave you with some links to kick off the weekend. Not too many, I’m afraid (see above), but I hope they make up in quality what they lack in quantity. Enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend. Happy writing!

Conversations with Myself: An Author’s Guide to Writing Reading Group Guides – An interesting post over at The Millions.

Journey to Middle Earth – A gorgeous time-lapse film clip of New Zealand’s South Island.

Marvel Comics Makes History with a Gay X-Men Marriage – Partly because it’s about time, and partly because I’ll admit to a tiny Avengers addiction. I blame Joss Whedon.