A Wealth of Linkage

Happy Friday! As you know, I like to post links to fun bookish and writerly finds around the internet on Fridays. I get to share some of the strange and intriguing stuff I’ve stumbled across over the week, and you all get some fun stuff to check out over the weekend. Or, you know, Friday afternoon at work while you’re trying not to fall asleep (but we’ll keep that just between us, right?).

This week I have a pretty long list of links, in part because I had a few extras I didn’t post last week, and in part because it’s been one of those weeks when my brain won’t let me sleep in and I spent a (very early) hour trolling the web most days while I waited for my caffeine infusion to kick in.

So, in the interest of entertainment — and also closing some of these endless tabs so my browser will stop having fits at me — I bring you this week’s collection of links. Have a great weekend, and happy writing!

The Spaces In Between – Jaye Wells on the in-between spaces in fantasy writing.

Are You Ashamed of Skipping Parts of Books? – Robert McCrum on skimming when you read.

Many Forms of Rejection – Thomas Lee discusses different perspectives on being rejected.

Thoughts about Quitting – Eileen Cook talks about writing, and how everyone considers quitting at some point in time.

Physics, Miracles and Witchcraft: 50 Years of “A Wrinkle in Time” – A great look at one of my all-time favorite books, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Book Nook – How would you like this reading corner in you house?

How Much Does Talent Matter? – Nature vs. nurture for the writer in you.

Being Conscious about Gender – How do you think of gender in your stories? Malinda Lo discusses.

Strike a Pose – Author Jim C. Hines bravely mimics a number of fantasy novel covers that feature women in…interesting poses.

6 Simple Ways to Reboot Your Writing Routine – In case you’re still ironing out those new year’s resolutions.

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