On Writing Multiple Projects: Day 12 of the Challenge

Welcome to day 12 of the December Writing Challenge! Are you looking for a little inspiration? Maybe something new to write about, or just a break from your current work in progress? Remember that ideas are everywhere, all you need to do is ask “What if?”

Maybe you’re on deadline, in which case it’s likely you’re committed to working on the project that’s due. But if not, there’s no reason not to mix it up occasionally. Many of my clients have “secret projects” they’re working on bit by bit, something other than their primary novel. Or maybe you want to try your hand at a different format — essays, articles for publication, poetry. If it keeps you motivated and stretching your creative brain, it will help you turn up to write every day.

The video below includes the oldest known footage taken of New York City. Even if you don’t write anything with an historical setting, you might find something that sparks a fresh idea. Enjoy, and happy writing!

3 thoughts on “On Writing Multiple Projects: Day 12 of the Challenge

  1. Thought I’d leave an update since I said I was “in,” just in case it might inspire someone to write:

    Day 1 – Oops, missed this one as I was travelling much of the day in the driver’s seat. I had written for 8 hours the day before if that counts.
    Day 2 – Caught one hour of editing while I watched a musical variety show in a hotel room with my wife.
    Day 3 – Edited for an hour on the ferry back to Washington State from Victoria BC.
    Day 4 – With scalpel and retractor, surgically excised extraneous words from my completed WIP.
    Day 5 – Wrote and posted a 100 word flash fiction piece for another agent’s competition and continued with Day 4’s operating room (OR) processes.
    Days 6 though 10 – Committed 3-4 hours daily to the OR.
    Day 11 – Sharpened my scalpel and sliced and diced for 4 hours. Wrote the first daft of another 100 word flash fiction for another agent. (Sorry Nephele if it seems I’m courting more than one agent.)
    Day 12 – Dictated and email to myself a new idea for my WIP. Polished and posted the flash fiction, and continued in the OR for an hour.

    1. LOL! I worry more about the writers who are only interested in a single agent. Never smart to put all your eggs in one basket.

      Good going with the update!

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